My Current Haircare/ Blogmas Day 11

My hair has been through quite a lot this year. I started the year with dark brown hair then lightened it several times until it was almost platinum blonde. After that I went pink for a few weeks, then died my roots darker, and now I’m back where I started with dark brown hair. You can imagine what all that did to the health of my hair. I’m actually really blessed that my hair isn’t in horrible condition, but its certainty not the healthiest. I cut my hair short (at least for me) which helped.

I have noticed over the past month or so that my hair has been feeling pretty soft. These three haircare products are all I’ve been using (other than various shampoos and conditioners) and I think they’re working! After washing my hair, I will apply these three products to my hair while it’s still wet.


I have been using this leave in conditioner from Not Your Mothers Naturals for a while now and I definitely think it has been helping my hair. When I wash my hair, before I brush it, I will spray this onto it.


This product from Living Proof is a “split end mender” which personally I don’t believe in. Many products out there are marketed as split end repairing or mending products, which really isn’t possible. Once the ends of your hair split, they cannot be magically put back together (wouldn’t that be amazing). All that in mind, I have been using this product and my ends do feel nicer. Do I believe that it has repaired my split ends? No, but I do think it helps keep my ends feeling softer. I apply this to wet hair, focusing on the ends and then applying to the rest of my hair.


Alongside the other two hair products, I have been using this Moroccan oil treatment from MOROCCANOIL. I apply this focusing on the ends of my hair and then apply and then applying to the rest of my hair. This product is an oil, so I recommend not applying it to the top of you hair/head. 

These three products are the only haircare products I’ve consistently been using lately. I definitely plan on getting more into hair care. If you’re interested in any of these products just click the pictures. They are linked to where you can purchase them.

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