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If you know me well, then you probably know that I love eyebrows. Thick eyebrows are my favorite. My goal is to have brows like Lily Collins and Brooke Shields. With that being said, I’ve had my share of horrible brow moments (who hasn’t). I remember one time when I was about 13 years old and decided to pluck my eyebrows myself (I’m not sure if that was my very first time). I plucked my eyebrows so thin. When I was done, I instantly realized the huge mistake I made. I was at my grandmother’s house when this happened. Once she saw my eyebrows, she lovingly explained to me what I did wrong and then filled them in for me. She filled them in the way they were supposed to look. I’ll never forget that experience. That’s probably one of the main reasons I love having thick brows. I’m sure you’ve all had a bad brow experience and have learned from it. Now, I have a pretty good idea of how to groom my brows. Here are my tips and tricks to help you groom your own eyebrows.

P.S. Don’t worry if you make a mistake. Sometimes I make mistakes too when I don’t follow my own tips. If you’re not comfortable doing you’re own brows find a place you trust. Benefit Brow Bar is a great place to start. I’ve never been there, but they are known for doing a great job.


We’ve all heard this little saying before. Eyebrows are meant to be sisters NOT twins. It’s really hard for me to accept that, but its true. If you’re trying to make your brows look identical, chances are you’re going to go overboard with plucking them.


Sometimes its easy to get a little overzealous when it comes to plucking your eyebrows. Only pluck the hairs that are out of place.


If you have really thick eyebrows you can always trim them. With a spoolie, brush your eyebrows upwards and trim them ever so slightly. You don’t want to over trim them. Make sure you’re CAREFUL not to cut yourself. DON’T use regular scissors. Use scissors made for eyebrows.


This is an extra step you can take. I started tinting my own brows this year and I must say, I do like it.

Just a little disclaimer: if you have sensitive skin or have any allergies to ingredients in hair dye, skip this step. Always preform a Skin Allergy Patch (Alert)  Test before dying your hair or tinting your eyebrows. I am not telling you that you need to tint your eyebrows. I cannot promise you’ll like the way they turn out. 

Moving on, I use (don’t laugh) Just For Men Mustache and Beard.


I currently have dark brown hair and I prefer to use the shade light – medium brown. I have also used medium brown. Personally, I think these shades run quite dark so I suggest using a lighter shade then you think you need. The box comes with a color base, natural color developer, mixing tray, brush, and gloves. I mix equal parts of the color base and natural color developer in the mixing tray. Working fairly quick, I use the brush to paint the dye onto ONE of my eyebrows. Then I will use a Q-Tip to clean up any dye that isn’t where I want it. Then repeat the same steps on the other eyebrow. This product claims to stop developing after 5 minutes, but I wouldn’t test that. After 5 minutes wash out the dye. I suggest using a bit of face wash on a makeup wipe and wiping the dye away. After all the dye has been removed from your eyebrows, I suggest washing your face. I will be honest, it can cause irritation. Hopefully, you love the way your eyebrows look.

Quick tip: If you want to make sure the color looks even, I suggest completing the entire process one brow at a time. This way each brow develops for the same amount of time (and you don’t need to rush). 

For the first few days they will look perfectly filled in (since the dye stains the skin of your eyebrows as well). After that washes away, your eyebrows will still look great. This lasts about 2 weeks.

I hope that you have enjoyed this blog post. Click on the photo if you’d like to be taken to the Just For Men website in order to purchase their products or read more about them (there are also instructions on thier website for each of the products).




































































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