5 High End Makeup Products Worth The Money / Blogmas Day 13

Let’s talk about high end makeup. There are so many high end makeup products available. We see them at Sephora and Ulta, read about them in blogs, and watch our favorite beauty YouTubers use them. Some of these high end makeup products are worth the money and some of them are not. Today, I am going to be showing you 5 high end makeup products that are worth the money. In tomorrow’s blog post I am going to be showing you 5 high end makeup products that are NOT worth the money.

These are 5 products (I have personally used) that are definitely worth the money. Ladies, start saving your pennies.


This is my absolute favorite foundation and it is worth the money. It has medium coverage but you can build it up. My shade in this foundation is Mont Blanc. I haven’t had an actual bottle of this foundation for a while, but thank God for Sephora samples. I have asked for a sample of this foundation a few times. Hopefully I can purchase this foundation again in the future (gotta save those Ulta points).



I personally have this highlighter in the shade Champagne Pop. This shade was a collaboration with Jaclyn Hill (a famous YouTuber). This highlighter is really pretty. I would say this highlighter is more of a warmer shade. I definitely want to try some other shades.


fair neautral

The one thing almost everyone wants in a concealer is coverage. Personally, I don’t think this conealer is completely full coverage, but it still has good coverage. Another thing that is great about this concealer is that it’s formulated without parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfates, and gluten. I am the shade Fair Neutral, which is a little lighter then my skin tone. The reason I chose a shade a little lighter than my skin tone is becuase I use it to both conceal and highlight under my eyes, down my nose, between my eyebows, the middle of my forehead, and my chin.



This product is completely worth the money. For 25$ you get a full size Lip Contour and two Liquid Matte in miniatures. I have the Huda Beauty Lip Contour Set that comes with the shade Trendsetter (Lip Contour and Liquid Matte) and Bombshell (Liquid Matte). Trendsetter is an orange/brown and Bombshell is nude/pink. If you follow the instructions on the packaging it will show you how to create an ombre look, but of course you can use these products on your lips however you like them .



Lastly, we have the M.A.C Cosmetics Powder Blush. I can’t speak for all 42 shades because there are different finishes but Razin (Matte) and Gingerly (Sheertone) are worth the money. Razin (pictured above) is a matte blush that is highly pigmented. It is a red/brown shade. With this specific shade it is easy to apply too much. All you need is a little tap into the blush. You can always apply more if needed. I really like this shade. When you apply this blush it looks (at first) like it wont blend out well BUT it does. Gingerly is a darker peach shade. It is also more of a sheer blush. The pigmentation is there but it’s not overly pigmented like Razin.

There you have it. 5 high end makeup products worth the money. Remember, just because I like a makeup product doesn’t mean that you will too. These are makeup products I personally think are worth the money. Come back tomorrow to read about 5 high end makeup products that are not worth the money. Maybe it will save you from spending money on some high end makeup products that aren’t worth it.


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